Mobile IPV6

Mobile IPv6 Testbed for Mobility management over heterogeneous access networks

Mobile IPv6 test bed is a joint project between ERNET India and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore which is funded by Department of Information Technology. The main purpose of the project is to deploy Mobile IPv6 testbed to study network layer mobility management issues over heterogeneous access networks. The project activities include design and simulation of relevant mobility scenarios both independently and in hybrid network simulation model, evaluation of IPv6 mobility over heterogeneous access networks to study performance parameters such as handover latency, packet loss in different scenarios. A Testbed comprising of WiMAX, WiFi and cellular networks will be deployed and the mobility scenarios will be tested on real testbed. In the presence of ERNET’s IPv6/IPv4 dual stack routers both in core and edge network, mobility between IPv4 and IPv6 network will be tested to demonstrate interoperability.

IEEE 802.21 standard provides link-layer intelligence and other related network information to upper layers to optimize handovers between heterogeneous networks. It optimizes handover between heterogeneous IEEE 802 networks and facilitates handover between IEEE 802 networks and cellular networks. Suitable IEEE 802.21 Media Independent Handover services that define generic link layer interface to support higher layer mobility will be developed. The project will study specific fast handover strategies and implement the required algorithms. By using select applications from domains such as agriculture, healthcare and e-learning, Mobile IPv6 test bed capabilities will be demonstrated.

Mobile IPv6 Test bed Infrastructure

Mobile IPv6 Test bed Infrastructure