ICT Vocational Centres for Disabled Students

After successful implementation of the pilot project, in which ICT centers were setup in 21 schools -10 in Tamil Nadu and 11 in NCR Delhi – ERNET India has initiated the second phase of the project. In this phase, it is proposed to implement vocational centres in 100 locations across the country. Children with multiple disabilities, Spastics and Physically Impaired are also being covered in this phase. Setting up of ICT infrastructure at 50 schools in 17 states is now under progress. Each Centre is being equipped with computer furniture, Uninterruptible power supply, LAN environment, desktop computers, servers and assistive tools for the disabled children. The schools are also bring provided with internet and intranet access, applications, contents and instructors for imparting training to the disabled children. Special courses including models on computers, usage of assistive devices, english language, personality development and skill development on job oriented applications are being designed.